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To ensure trust and confidence in the review process, a community advisory group to the review was established prior to commencement of the review.

The underlying principles which will underpin and govern the work of the of the Advisory Group, are informed by the Independent Commission on Good Governance in Public Services (2004) [1]and the Committee on Standards in Public Life (1995)[2]. The role of the Community Advisory Group to the Review is as follows.



  1. Discuss and agree the terms of reference for the review.

  2. Advise on how community participation, trust and confidence can be established and sustained before, during and after the review process.

  3. Advise the trust on the development of effective communications, which will support and underpin publicity for the review.

  4. Suggest and agree neutral venues in which interviews for the review will take place.

  5. Advise and agree on the most effective ways in which members of the public can participate in the review.

  6. Advise and agree on how information submitted to the review can be stored and managed during and after the review process.

  7. Discuss and agree options on how the review findings will be disseminated.

  8. Advise the trust on the implementation and embedding of recommendations from the review.


Supporting Principles of the Advisory Group:

The Community Advisory group to the review is underpinned by principles of good governance. This will enable the Westway Trust to do the right thing in relation to the review, in the right way, for the community, in a timely, open, honest and accountable manner (Home Office 2013:1[3]).

  • Work together to achieve a shared purpose with clearly defined functions and roles;

  • Promote and demonstrate values of good governance by upholding high standards of conduct and behaviour;

  • Make informed and open decisions, which are checked effectively and where risk is managed;

  • Develop the ability of members and officers to be effective.


Membership of the Group:

  • Toby Laurent Belson, Chair of Westway Trust (Joint Chair)

  • Niles Hailstones, Westway 23 (Joint Chair)

  • Malcolm Phillips (Oremi Centre)

  • Marcia Robinson

  • Nicole Belfon

  • Emzee Haywoode

  • Clive Phillip 

  • Equality and Diversity Working Group Representative, Westway Trust

  • Board Member Lead for Inclusion, Westway Trust

  • Independent observers to the Community Advisory Group to the Review

  • The independent reviewer, and the external coach to the Westway Trust, will be appointed as observers to the group.

  • The Secretary to the Review, Christine Okiya, will take minutes of the meeting.


[1] The Independent Commission on Good Governance in Public Services (2004) The Good Governance Standard for Public Services

[2] Nolan, L. (Chairman) (1995) First Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life (1995) Standards in Public Life Cm2850-1 HMSO.

[3] Home Office (2013) Have you got what it takes? Applying and demonstrating strong governance.

Phone the Community Advisory Group's hotline on 0300 102 1670

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