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Background to the Review

Tutu Foundation UK was commissioned by Westway Trust in 2018 to conduct a comprehensive and fully independent review of Westway Trust's practices, both past and present, following allegations of institutional racism against the organisation by some members of the community.

The Tutu Foundation invited members of the public to have their say by submitting testimonies and evidence to an online portal or in one-to-one interviews.

A portal for collecting evidence and testimonies from the public has now closed, and the final report is due to be published on Friday 11 December 2020.

This Review was fought for by our community. It was driven and shaped by our community.  The independent Community Advisory Group (CAG) to the review not only brought about the change, but have dedicated themselves to ensuring the integrity of the review at every step of the process.  

In the time since The Review was launched in 2018, Westway Trust has undergone a significant change in leadership. ​Westway Trust is now led at board level by members of the community who campaigned for change. The current board of trustees now consists of some of the strongest voices in the campaign to realise this Review, For the first time, the leadership of Westway Trust truly reflects the community it is here to serve. 

For more information on the Review at the time of its launch in 2018, and quotes from the joint Chairs of the CAG Alan Brown* (Chair of the Trust board) and Nile Hailstones (Westway23 and One Voice Community Collective), please download the full briefing here. The full recording of the Review's launch event in November 2018 can be viewed here.  

*Note: Alan Brown stepped down as Chair of Westway Trust and joint Chair of the Community Advisory Panel in early 2019. Toby Laurent Belson is now Chair of Westway and Joint Chair of the CAG.

More information on the Review is also available on the Westway23 website and the independent Community Advisory Group's website

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